One thing is for sure: We love archery. That’s why we wanted to give back to that powerful sport and use its potential. Two years of research and testing, some brainstorms and dismissed ideas later, ATHLETIC ARCHERY finally came to life: The first fashion brand for functional archery sportswear.

Our focus: mobility, comfort and functionality - track pants, shirts, jackets, and accessories – we offer the entire range of sportswear while making sure that every piece meets an archer’s needs. That’s why we chose cuts and patterns that deliver the maximum of free moving space and fit perfectly at the same time. The same applies to the materials we chose: We use synthetic fibres and mixed fabrics that minimize friction and dry quickly – also when the workout is tough. Therefore, our materials aren’t only comfortable to wear but are also great for layering. Which means: You can combine all our pieces and wear one above the other. That way, ATHLETIC ARCHERY becomes an all-season collection. No matter the time, no matter the season: We got the appropriate clothing available. .

We love individuality: As we are archers ourselves, we know: The archer is an individualist. Therefore, in our shop, he can select his favourite colours to match his sportswear with bow, arrow, string and co. This is possible thanks to our “build to order” approach – we only produce what got ordered. That’s not only sustainable but allows us to react flexibly to our customer’s wishes.

Athletic Archery passes the endurance test: To make sure that our sportswear convinces long-term in practice, we put each piece under scrutiny: Between six and 24 months, archers tested our clothes during training sessions and competitions. Only those pieces that withstood these long-term loads made it into our final collection – a collection we are very proud of.

AIM FOR MORE – with functional sportswear by ATHLETICARCHERY.COM

Frau mit Bogen
„We are happy to share our collection with all of you and hope that Athletic Archery not only excites you but will accompany you during trainings and competitions from now on.”  Andreas Althaus, founder of ATHLETIC ARCHERY, archer, coach

„I support the CEO with my knowledge as a businessman.“ Sven Faltin, Owner from ATHLETIC ARCHERY, Businessman


with functional sportswear by ATHLETICARCHERY.COM